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 A bus stand


A bus stand is a place from where service buses stop and start for the passengers in a fixed time. A great number of up and down buses touch the stand at different hours of the day and night. It is a part and parcel of bus communication of a country. It is generally situated besides the roadside. From here buses go for various destinations and buses come here from different places. 

 A bus stand is a busy and noisy place. It remains crowed almost at all hours of the day. There are some ticket counters in a bus stand. People are found standing to buy tickets in a long line. Around a bus stand some stationary shops, restaurants, saloons, book-stalls and tea-stalls are found. Even magazines and seasonal fruits are also sold here. 

Besides, rickshaws, vans, auto-rickshaws are seen standing for the passengers. The passengers wait impatiently for the buses in the bus stand. When the buses come and buses go, it looks very noisy. At this moment some hawkers cry out to sell their goods and some beggars sing for begging. Actually a bus stand is a very noisy and dirty place. In spite of being a noisy and dirty place it helps us in many ways. In fact, a bus stand is a useful place. A bus stand plays an important role in communication of a country.

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