Paragraph on A Home I Live In

 Paragraph on A Home I Live In

A home is a place where a man lives with his near and dear ones. Everybody is closely related with all the things around it. My home is my heaven. Home is the place that I like the most. My home is a one storied building consisting of five rooms. 

It is situated under the shade of the trees. It stands in the midst of beauties of nature. The green trees also surround it. My home is not only airy but also well lighted. So, even in the midst of scorching heat it remains cools and comfortable. There is small flower garden in front of my home. I spend leisure hours there. My home faces the south. 

Open fresh gentle breeze is flowing through the open window of my home. After the toils of the day, I get exhausted and grow mad to get back home. My home is a sort of fascination to me. Staying away from home for few days I feel homesick. To me my home is really the sweetest place on the earth. I am proud of my sweet little home.

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