A Celebration | Paragraph or Speech on “Birthday Party Celebration” | Paragraph

A Celebration 

A celebration is a special event that people organize in order to celebrate something. It is an important process of socialization that gears up the relation among the participants. It also refers to showing veneration and esteem to the celebrity. It is usually held on happy occasions such as birthdays, wedding ceremonies, recovery from illness, getting new and good jobs, promotion in jobs, having excellent results, making wonderful progress, and so on. Excellent wishes, talks, entertainment, etc. are part and parcel of a celebration. People enjoy it to their hearts’ content. A chief guest illuminates the magnanimity of the occasion. 

Everyone eagerly waits to hear something from him |her. Usually, celebrations take place in families, in institutions, in social organizations as well as in-state stages. But is held frequently in almost every family. In our text, Rina’s grandmother Mrs. Siddiqua Murshed arranged a celebration to express her gratitude to her benefactors. Kashem, Anwar, Rina, and others joined it. They helped her to get rid of the wound and behaved very responsibly. 

So, she offered a party after her recovery in honor of the well-wishers. She opened the ceremony with a short speech and gave a heavy lunch. All the people enjoyed it very much. It followed a story-telling too. She expressed her gratitude to them through this celebration. Actually, a celebration is an important medium to convey feelings among the near and dear ones. It promotes friendship and cordiality in society. By organizing frequent celebrations, a society can move with peace and harmony. So, it is of great importance in society.

Birthday Party Celebration

Birthday celebration has become an integral part of our life. My parents celebrate my birthday every year on May 20th, this year I had a special program to celebrate it. I invited about fifty friends and relatives. They bring me beautiful and expensive gifts; the living room in our house is very tastefully decorated; tables and chairs are prepared for guests; a large birthday candle; 

I cut the cake with a knife.All the shows are present, some of my friends are singing a sweet song, some are doing choreography, my relatives are making me a wreath, I am so proud, I look like a prince, we finally had a snack, my parents blessed me. and my family and friends wish me a long life. This is one of the happiest days of my life.

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