Paragraph On A cleaner Or Rubbish Collector

 Paragraph On A cleaner Or Rubbish/Garbage Collector

A person who collects garbage/rubbish every day in our area is called a garbage collector or a cleaner, he is generally a sane person and works for the good of society, cleaning the environment. The school always loves its work, respects its work, thinks that everything works. It is very important for us to collect trash, you have to go to different houses in your area, usually you get up early in the morning and then go to collect trash that people leave in front of you. 

Many times the garbage was dirty, but it didn't hurt him, he put them in plastic bags and put them in a large trash can.He believes that every job has its merits; the life of a sweeper is full of pain and suffering; You lack food, shelter, clothing, and education for your family. live a miserable life; he cannot educate his children. and receive appropriate treatment. If you stop working, the whole area will become dirty and unhealthy. Therefore, we must respect him and his work. Besides, our government should give him the best salary.

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