Paragraph on An Ideal Student


Paragraph on An Ideal Student

An ideal student is he who has a thirst for knowledge, the curiosity to learn and understand new and new things about man and nature. He has a regular routine for doing everything. Thus he is regular and punctual. He gets up early in the morning, takes regular exercise, has his bath and goes to his school and college in time. 

He devotes his time to studies whole-heartedly and he respects his teachers and elders, as he respects his parents. He helps the weak students in their students and never makes fun of them. He is very particular about his character and manners. He is truthful, honest and frank. He does not find fault with others but tries to get rid of his own drawbacks, if any. 

He has no evil habits like drinking, smoking, gambling etc. He is a great patriot and is ready to die for his country. He is very studious. He knows that an idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. He does the right thing at the right time. For instance, copying in the ex¬amination can never be his motto. He has a positive and and confident attitude towards life.

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