Paragraph on Abdur Rahman


Paragraph on Abdur Rahman

Once there was a rich farmer called Abdur Rahman who was born more than a hundred years ago in a village. He had a lot of lands and he employed two or three farmers in his lands in order to cultivate them properly. He and all his farmers worked hard throughout the year and they cultivated different types of crops like rice, jute etc. At the time of harvesting there was more work so he applied more labors in his lands. 

They cut and threshed all the crops and washed the jute in the river. Abdur Rahman was an educated farmer. So, he knew how many times to plough his lands and how to cultivate them. He cultivated, watered and pulled out all the seeds from his lands in time. He also dug wells and canals in order to irrigate his fields throughout the year. As a result, his fields were very fertile and he got excellent crops from them. 

Gradually, he was proved as one of the greatest farmers in his district. His suggestion for the new farmers, if they want to get a good harvest, they have to work hard, sow the good seeds and water the young plants carefully. He was very active, conscious and sincere in his farming. Therefore, he and his leaded a happy life.

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