Paragraph On A School Library

 Paragraph On A School Library

A school library is a library where the students and teachers of a school can read and borrow books. A library satisfies our eternal knowledge of the unknown and the unseen. 

A library is a part and parcel of a school. It is also a store-house of knowledge. It helps a person to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. No school is complete without a library. 

Our school has a big library. It is situated in a separate building. The library has a good collection of different books. The library is divided into two parts. One is reading room and another is librarian room. In reading room there are some chairs, tables or benches to sit. In the librarian room there are many almirahs and shelves . Books are arranged in shelves according to subjects. We can borrow books after two weeks from the library. 

Because of having a good collection of books the students and the teachers of the school can read books and make notes according to their choice. In fact, we are really proud of our school library.

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