Paragraph On A Moonlit Night

Paragraph On A Moonlit Night

A moonlit night is such a night when the moon gives us light fully. It is very charming and enjoyable to all. It presents a beautiful sight to us. It dazzles our eyes and soothes our heart. In a moonlit night the moon seems to us like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the whole world with her silvery light. The sparkling stars twinkle around the moon. 

The surface of water in the rivers, ponds and seas glitter in the light of the moon. They seem to laugh. The whole nature looks bright and appears in divine light. People of all ages enjoy a moonlit night. It is the most pleasant to a newly married couple and lovers. All kinds of people prefer to gossip in the moonlit night. It takes us to the world of imagination. 

We all like to imagine. It also inspires the poets of all languages to praise highly of a moonlit night. Most of the poets write romantic poems in the moonlit night. In fine, a moonlit night is very pleasant which attracts any person by her unparalleled beauty.

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