Paragraph on A Postman

Paragraph on  A Postman

A postman is a familiar person related with delivering letter, percales both in towns and countryside. He is an ill-paid postal departmental servant. Generally he puts on a khaki dress supplied by postal department. It is also renowned as their uniform to wear. He sorts out letters, puts them into a bag and goes out to deliver them to the proper address. 

He also carries letters, parcels. His day begins with sunrise morning and continues until sunset the evening of the day. A postman must be dutiful, active and kindhearted honest people. He sometimes continues his normal duties neglecting the sun and the rain. At first he opens the postal-box and takes out the letters and then seals them with a date-stamp and does his duty according to the office duty. Then he goes from door to door to supplies articles. All classes of people are the friend of him. In society he possesses a unique position.

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