Female Education Paragraph and essay for all classes (HSC) - 2022

Female Education Paragraph and essay

Female Education Paragraph and essay for all classes (HSC)

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Female Education Paragraph 100 words

Women's education is very important for the development of a nation. Half of our county's population is female. We cannot progress by avoiding this half of the population. But most women are not getting education. Because many people think that a woman does not need to study. Such people prevent a woman from doing any official work. They do not believe that even a woman can participate in all the work. Realizing the importance of women education, our government has taken many important steps. Government is trying to make people aware about women education. Because women education is essential for the development of our country.

Women or Female Education Paragraph 150 Words

Half of our total population is women. No nation can prosper if half the population is illiterate. Women education is very important for a country. A woman is a future mother. If a woman is educated, her children will also be educated. Not only that, what a man can do, a woman can do. An educated woman can also participate in nation building.

In our county, our government has taken many steps for women education. Their work encourages them to continue their studies. Besides this, the government has taken a great step to enlighten those people who think that no woman needs to study. Mass media is playing a great role by broadcasting films, dramas, cartoons etc. to make people aware about women's education. We believe that one day no woman will remain uneducated.

Women Education Paragraph 200 Words

Almost half of the total population of Bangladesh are women. They are not neglected at all. But unfortunately most of them are illiterate. Most men and not only men but also women feel that women's education is not that important. This is because they are not enlightened. Women's education is very essential for the welfare of a country. However, many men are not encouraged to participate in economic activities. No nation can prosper without educating half the population of the country.

Realizing the importance of education for women students, our government has taken many steps for their education. First, the government provides scholarships for women's education. This financial help encourages many parents to send their daughters to school. Besides, a large number of elderly and illiterate women are taking education in night schools. Media is also playing a big role by broadcasting films, dramas, cartoons which make people aware about women education. By doing this one day all women will be educated and get the respect they deserve.

Women Education Paragraph 200 Words

Female or Women Education Paragraph & Essay 250 Words

Half of our total population is women. But in earlier times women could hardly get education. Nowadays traditions are changing day by day. The government has taken several steps to educate girls. In our country students are provided free education with monthly stipend at primary level. These initiatives encourage students to get primary education.

This move has been in effect for the past few years and has opened opportunities for young girls to take an interest in education. Girls are given free education at secondary level with monthly stipend. It encourages them to continue their education. But in previous years free education was limited to secondary level. So due to social and financial problems most of the girl students finish their studies after SSC exam. But the present government has started a new scheme to further educate girl students through free schools with financial assistance.

There are also mass education programs in night schools for women and adult literacy centers. NGOs are also taking programs to educate village women. Media plays a huge role in making people aware about women education by promoting and broadcasting feature films, dramas, cartoons etc. The collective campaign for women's education revolutionized women's society. Therefore, the education rate of men and women is gradually reducing their gap. So, I hope one day every woman will be educated.

The importance of women education paragraph

The importance of women's education is understood by a quote of Napoleon- "Give me an educated mother, I promise to give birth to a civilized, educated nation."

But it is very sad that even today many parents are reluctant to educate their daughters. Religious misinterpretations and social prejudices contribute to this to a large extent. Moreover, girls are often harassed on the streets, which makes many girls reluctant to go to school or college.It is time to take women education seriously. For this, first of all, we need to change our attitude towards girls' education by realizing the importance of girls' education. Apart from this, social disorder called eve teasing has to be eradicated. All necessary steps should also be taken to encourage girls' education.

Essay on Female Education (250 Words)

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  • Essay on female education in Bangladesh
  • Essay on female education in India
  • Essay on female education in Nepal

Importance of women's education Essay

Almost half of our total population is women. Half of the population will be unemployed if not educated. So we need to give more importance to women education for our national growth and development.

In our family they play an important role as mothers, sisters, housewives. They impart basic education and moral education to children. A child's mentality, morals, nature and character depend on the knowledge and skills of a mother. In a family our health and treatment also depend on women. In fact, women are the core of family life. If they are not educated they cannot do proper work. An educated mother is important for raising and educating children. So their education is very important.

They play an important role in our social life. They are the main ingredients of maintaining a good relationship. So if women are well educated they can fulfill their social responsibilities and stand by them in daily sufferings.

A woman has a role as a citizen in the state. He should know his rights, privileges and duties. If he is educated he can prove his worth.

Women are the most neglected in our society. They are deprived of many rights. If they get education they will feel empowered and no one can deprive them.

First of all, the government should come forward to expand women's education. The government has taken some steps. They made women's education free up to graduation level. We need to change our attitude towards women and raise public awareness. Mass media can play an important role in raising public awareness. The day is not far when we will see women joining hands with men.

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  • Are females neglected or maltreated in our society?
It is true that women are neglected in our society. Because women are not properly evaluated. Society does not understand that women can play an important role in society if they want.
  • What are the effects of their being neglected and uneducated?
If they are neglected, complex problems will arise in the society. If a woman is educated, the society will be enlightened, the family will be beautiful, the nation will benefit. But women are undervalued in the society which is causing problems in all aspects of family, social and political. Depriving women of their adequate education is causing harm to the country and society. In the Qur'an, Allah Ta'ala says - It is obligatory for every man and woman to acquire knowledge. However, many say that Islam prohibits the education of women.
We must get out of this misconception.
  • What is the importance of your think of female education?
  • How do women contribute to nation-building activities?

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