Paragraph On A New School Is A New Experience

Paragraph On  A New School Is A New Experience

The first day at a new school is really an interesting everyone’s life. When I was going to my new school at Chittagong for the first time, I was very nervous. I had to change my school because my father had transferred from Rangpur to Chittagong. This changing gave me a scope to keep some new experiences from there. As Chittagong was an unknown city to me, my father brought me to the school. When I entered the school campus, I considered my new school as a new experience. I didn’t know anybody. I was also thinking what the teachers and the students were going to be like. It taught me how to face in a new environment. Meanwhile we met the Headmaster. He found me nervous and tried to console me saying something positive about the school. His speech made me comfortable. However, my father went to his office and I entered my classroom. I found the teachers and the students friendly. They behaved with me very cordially. There I got three friends. Our English teacher attracted me most. In this new school I also learnt the way of making relation with other persons easily. To sum up the day was very interesting to me. I frequently remember that day.

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