Paragraph On A Common Bird In Bangladesh

 A Common Bird In Bangladesh 

A common bird is a bird, which is seen here and thereby all. The crow is the most common of all birds in Bangladesh. It is an early riser. When it caws at dawn, we know that night is over. Its voice is harsh. It is a thief by nature. It steals away food from the kitchen and swoops upon everything. It is a medium-sized bird. The crow is jet in color with gray breast. It has a strong bill. Its wings are strong. Its two legs are ill-shaped with sharp claws in them. Its eyes are bright and keen. 

It prepares its nest in the high trees in the forest or garden and lives there. The crow eats rice, fish, and flesh. It also eats fruits and rotten things. It steals food from the kitchen and snatches food from the children. It also steals eggs of hens and other birds. The crow has great fellow feelings for one another. If any one of them is in danger, then many come to its rescue. 

Though the crow is ugly and its voice is harsh, it is very useful. It makes our house neat and clean by eating rotten and dirty things. Thus it does well for us.

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