Paragraph On A Fisherman

Paragraph On  A Fisherman

A fisherman is a person who earns his livelihood by catching and selling fishes. Generally a fisherman lives by the rivers, big canals, marshy lands and seas for his professional advantages. He is hard working and painstaking. He uses nets and boats for fishing. Some fishermen have nets but no boats. Some fishermen who have boats and nets employ other fishermen. Then they work in a group. 

A fisherman is always busy in his work. While at home he repairs his boats or nets and he paints his boats or dyes his nets. He catches fish in the seas, rivers, and beels. His women-folk make new nets; his children dry fishes in the sun and sell them in the market. He works hard all day and night. He has to work in faul and fair weather. 

The life of a fisherman is very risky, miserable and challenging because storms and cyclones may come at any time. Some fishermen go to fish at night; some go to fish in the deep water or in the sea from home for many days. When he catches a lot of fishes, his joy knows no bounds. After all a fisherman does much good to us by supplying fishes. 

Actually the life of a day a fisherman is very miserable. Sorrows and sufferings are his constant companions. He does not know what is joy and happiness. In spite of being hard working he can not earn a lot of money. He leads a simple life. Infact, A fisher man is person in our society. Government should take some steps for the development of minimum standard of their livelihood.

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