Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12 Updated 2022

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 12

(a) What is the symbol of freedom?

(b) What is its measurement?

(c) What is it made of?

(d) What is its color?

(e) What does the red circle symbolize?

(f) What does the green color symbolize?

(g) How can we maintain its honor?

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 5, 6

The national flag symbolizes the sovereignty of an independent nation. So every independent country and nation has a national flag. The national flag inspires patriotism among all the people of the country. Any independent country or nation shows utmost respect to its national flag. Shape and Shape of the National Flag The national flag of Bangladesh consists of a solid red circle set on a dense green field. The length-to-width ratio of the national flag is 10:6. If the length of the flag is 305 cm (10 ft.), the width will be 183 cm (6 ft.). The radius of the red circle shall be one-fifth of the length of the flag. Our national flag was designed by artist Kamrul Hasan.

                        Paragraph on National Flag of India 100, 150

The national flag of India symbolizes the country's independence and unity. It is rectangular. It is also called 'three-colored' or 'Tiranaga' as it has three colors. The top color is saffron, white middle and bottom color is green. Saffron color symbolizes courage and sacrifice; White represents peace and truth, while green symbolizes faith and valor. At its center is an Ashoka Chakra with 24 spokes in blue. The National Flag is hoisted on Independence Day, Republic Day, and other important occasions. It is made of khadi cloth. It symbolizes our freedom struggle, national pride, and history. Our national flag should always be respected.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 7,8

A national flag symbolizes the independence and sovereignty of an independent country. Every independent country has its own national flag. Bangladesh is an independent country and has its own national flag. It is rectangular in shape. The length and width of the flag are 10:6. It has a red circle in the middle. Green symbolizes youth, and red symbolizes the rising sun. It represents the supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters and language epileptics. It is held daily on top of critical government buildings and educational institutions. On shady days it is kept half-mast. I am proud of our national flag because it reminds us of our freedom. We got independence from Pakistan on 16th December 1971. We have to uphold its honor by fulfilling our national duty properly. We have to sacrifice our lives for our country and sovereignty.

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 9-10

The national flag symbolizes the sovereignty of an independent nation. Each independent country has a different national flag. As an independent nation, we have a national flag. The size of our national flag can be small or large. It differs according to the place where it will be raised. There are certain rules to follow to create a flag.

The ratio of length to width is 5 : 3—the radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the size of the national flag. Our national flag is used on a larger or smaller scale in particular areas, such as a giant flag for a building; On the other hand; A small flag is used for a car. But a certain period must be followed in making the flag. Each color has a different meaning.

The green color carries the eternal freshness of our nation and the beauty of the country and the red color carries the memory of the bloody struggle of our country. It also stands for the glory and honor of our country.  So its status is huge for us, the people of Bangladesh. We should make every effort to uphold the dignity of our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to free the country from the barbaric Pakistani army.

We can do this by considering the interests of the nation before our own. In this way the great and supreme sacrifice of our freedom fighters will be honored. Our national flag is our glory and pride. If we fail to protect our dignity, we cannot live with dignity and respect. Every citizen of our country should take an oath that we will defend our national flag at the cost of our lives. May Allah give us such strength.

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