Paragraph on A Rainy Day | A Rainy Day Paragraph For Class 6,7,8,9,10 & HSC

 Paragraph on A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day Paragraph For Class 6,7,8,9,10 & HSC

A Rainy Day Paragraph For Class 5,6,7

On a rainy day, the sky is covered with clouds. It is raining heavily and often continuously throughout the day. The roads become muddy and slippery. Maize fields are flooded by rainwater and standing crops are often damaged. A rainy day affects people differently. The day is a blessing for a rich person. He sits comfortably on the sofa and listens to the rain. He enjoys perfect rest at home. But poor people suffer a lot on rainy days. It is a curse for a day laborer. He can't find work. He sits on the rain-soaked floor and thinks about his lot. A rainy day is a pleasant day for school going children. They welcome a rainy day to enjoy complete relaxation at home.

A Rainy Day Paragraph For Class 7-8

A Rainy Day Paragraph: It rained all day on a rainy day. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is covered with thick clouds. This is not seen. If the weather is bad, no one can go out without an umbrella. The roads became muddy and slippery in the water. Those who have offices and other businesses come out with umbrellas on their heads. Hands and clothes folded up to the knees. Sometimes it slips and falls in the mud. A rainy day is a difficult time for a poor person which disrupts their work. He cannot go out for his daily work. He had to sit under the leaky roof. Most of the students are unable to go to school. Only a few can go to school and most of them get wet. Cattle graze in their sheds. A rainy day is fun for the rich. They make the best of the situation. A rainy day is most welcome for lazy students as they easily enjoy vacation.

A Rainy Day Paragraph For SSC

A rainy day means such a day when it rains continuously all day long during the rainy season. It is a common sight in our country. It is very dull and gloomy. In a rainy day, the sky is covered with thick of black clouds. The sun is not seen in the sky. Sometimes it rains heavily on cats and dogs. As a result, rivers, canals, and tanks swell up. Roads and paths become muddy and slippery. Water stands here and there. Activities of normal life are stopped due to heavy rain. None can move freely without an umbrella from one place to another. The common people cannot attend their respective places in time. If anybody wants to go outside, he has to take an umbrella with him. The poor and the day laborers do not like rainy days. They cannot go out to earn their living. Their suffering knows no bounds. They go on starving. On the other hand, the rich enjoy the day in listening to music, watching TV, reading novels. A rainy day is most welcomed to the students, as they have no classes in the school. A rainy day brings a joyous mood to the young boys of the same age and they are seen to bathe in rainwater with merriment. Those who have an imaginary bent of mind enjoy the beauty of nature being drenched in rains. The cloudy sky lets loose their emotions. A rainy day has a good effect on the soil. It helps plants to grow, flowers to bloom, and nature looks fresh and beautiful. However, a rainy day is not pleasant for all.

A Rainy Day Paragraph For HSC

Rainy days are notable for some special features. It is a continuous rainy day. The whole sky is covered with clouds. The atmosphere is dull and gloomy. Incessant rains have inundated many areas and destroyed livelihoods. Ponds overflow and yards and roads become muddy and slippery. Walking becomes almost impossible. Then communication becomes difficult. Especially in rural areas, the transport system is being disrupted. If one feels the need to go out, he should keep an umbrella on his head. But there are many things that people enjoy on monsoon days. Since the day is quite wet, it is usually cool enough to stay indoors and gossip and play indoor games. Often a family sits together and gossips for a long time and enjoys various fast foods including "Muri", Chanachur etc. Many people like to play cards. Children especially girls love to play carrom with joy and excitement. Sometimes children, especially boys, play football in the rain water of the adjacent field which is very exciting for them. On rainy days, hotpotch is the food that people love the most. Hilsa fish is more delicious. People often prepare this dish, especially if the rainfall continues for more than a day. However, rainy days have some drawbacks. The poor day laborers are in real trouble. They cannot go out to earn. So if you don't have stock, you have to starve. So a rainy day is mostly problematic even though it is beautiful to observe from indoors.


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