Paragraph on A Rainy Day

 Paragraph on A Rainy Day

A rainy day means such a day when it rains continuously all day long during the rainy season. It is a common sight in our country. It is very dull and gloomy. In a rainy day, the sky is covered with thick of black clouds. The sun is not seen in the sky. Sometimes it rains heavily on cats and dogs. As a result, rivers, canals, and tanks swell up. 

Roads and paths become muddy and slippery. Water stands here and there. Activities of normal life are stopped due to heavy rain. None can move freely without an umbrella from one place to another. The common people cannot attend their respective places in time. If anybody wants to go outside, he has to take an umbrella with him. 

The poor and the day laborers do not like rainy days. They cannot go out to earn their living. Their suffering knows no bounds. They go on starving. On the other hand, the rich enjoy the day in listening to music, watching TV, reading novels. A rainy day is most welcomed to the students, as they have no classes in the school. 

A rainy day brings a joyous mood to the young boys of the same age and they are seen to bathe in rainwater with merriment. Those who have an imaginary bent of mind enjoy the beauty of nature being drenched in rains. The cloudy sky lets loose their emotions. A rainy day has a good effect on the soil. It helps plants to grow, flowers to bloom, and nature looks fresh and beautiful. However, a rainy day is not pleasant for all.

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