A Birthday Party | Paragraph | #2

 A Birthday Party


We are thankful to Allah who has created us as human beings. We often celebrate the Day when we were born. I also celebrated the last anniversary of my birth on 3rd January this year. As I have no brother or sister. I had to take full responsibility myself. 

First of all I started  to dust out drawing room and ma de it neat and clean. After that I decorated this room with colourful balloons and paper made flowers. I also had to order birthday cake and my mother cooked some delicious foods. I invited all of my close friends; and my cousins were also present in that celebration. 

My parents gave me a nice dress and my friends brought different beautiful gifts and wished me a long life with beautiful birthday card. I enjoyed  the occasion greatly. When all the guests arrived, we started the programme. I cut the cake with a song from the parents and guests, “Happy Birthday to you.” Then the dinner was started and continued till 9 pm. 


The programme was finished through songs and sounds. My cousins and friends took a number of photos. There was  an atmosphere of joy and merriment everywhere in the house on the occasion. I eagerly wait every year for this very day.

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