Paragraph on 21st February For Class 6,7,8,9,10

Paragraph on  21st February 

The 21st of February is a red-letter day in our history. It's observed as the shaheed day or International Mother language day. Throughout the time 1952, the scholars and general people of the also east Pakistan protested against the adamant protestation of the Pakistani leaders that Urdu shall be the only state language of Pakistan. 

The Bengal is composed and protested this unjust duty and denial of the status of their mother language. They demanded Bangla be given the status of the status language. Their demurrers were crowned on 21 February 1952 when the police fired on a procession brought by the scholars at Dhaka university lot. 

Some of the gallant souls – Rafique, Jabbar, Salam, Barkat were killed. They're the first killers in the world for the cause of language. This blood-slipping is the literal 21st of February. Since also the day is being observed as shaheed dibash. 

Through their offerings and blood, the killers brought home their demand for the status of the mama language. In recognition of the struggle and offerings of the heroic Bengalis, and to promote and sustain every language in the world UNESCO declared 21st February as transnational mother language day in 1998. Since also the day is observed with honor and solemnity study-out the world. 

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