Paragraph on A Good Teacher

 Paragraph on A Good Teacher

A good teacher is good person of a country. He |she is a person who teaches the students according to the method. Mr. X is such kind of person. He is an MA in English. He took training on English and also has a B.Ed. degree and another Master degree on Secondary education from IER of Dhaka University with thesis. He tries to teach us methodically. 

He believes on transfer of learning. He never influences us to memorise the lesson. He often says that the coaching centre and the school have a vast difference. A school tries to influence the student to know but a coaching centre always influences on memorizing. For this a school is always needed. He is a person of good character. He never tells a lie to us which most other teachers frequently do now. He also believes that a teacher never tells a lie with the students if he or she is really a teacher. So we love him and took him as an ideal character for our future life.

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