Paragraph on An Accident


Paragraph on An Accident

Accident is an unpleasant occurrence. It occurs accidentally. It may cause great harm to life. One may be injured. Wounded even lose one’s life by accident. Accident may be of different types. Such as air crushes, motor vehicle accidents, rail accidents etc. 

They are all dangerous. Some accidents are minor in the sense that they cause less harm than the major accidents. We can here remember the accident of Mrs. Siddiqa Murshed. She hurt herself badly while she was passing near the college pond and became senseless. And there was a crowd around her. Fortunately, Anwar and Kashem two school going boys were passing by the place at that time. 

They saw the crowd and went there to see what happened. Anwar recognized her as she was the grandmother of Rina, his classmate. He told Kashem to stand there and hurried to Rina’s home to call her mother. Rina’s mother came to the spot with Anwar hearing the news. They took her to the hospital and after several weeks she recovered from her illness. She was lucky and thankful to those young people who acted very responsibly. We should also try to be responsible in our everyday life.

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