Important Paragraph List for SSC & HSC Examinations

Important Paragraph List for SSC & HSC Examinations

Important Paragraph List for SSC & HSC Examinations 

 1. Paragraph On A School Magazine

2. Paragraph On A Railway Station

3. Paragraph on A Winter Morning 

4. Load-shedding Paragraph 

5. Modern technology paragraph

6. Online Class or Education paragraph

7. Physical exercise Paragraph

8. Paragraph on Bangladeshi Culture

9. Paragraph on A Rainy Day

10. Nelson Mandela paragraph

11. Rohingya Crisis Paragraph

12. Food Adulteration Paragraph

13. Paragraph On A Moonlit Night

14. Covid-19 Paragraph 

15. Adolescence Paragraph

16. Bangabandhu Satellite Paragraph

17. Paragraph on Diaspora

18. Price Increase or Price Hike 

19. Paragraph On The Life Of A Farmer

20. Early Marriage Paragraph

21. Paragraph on Natural calamities

22. Paragraph on A Tea Stall 

23.  The Prize Giving Day

24. A Book Fair Paragraph

25. “Birthday Party Celebration”

26. E-learning Paragraph


A day labourer

28. A bus stand

29. A Birthday Party 

30. Paragraph On A cleaner Or Rubbish Collector

31. Paragraph On A Common Bird In Bangladesh

32. Paragraph On A Fixed Price Shop

33. Paragraph on A Garment Worker

34. Paragraph On A Fire Fighter

35. Paragraph On A Fountain Pen

36. Paragraph On A Fisherman

37. A Village Market Paragraph

38. Sustainable Development Paragraph

39. Renewable Energy Paragraph

40. Water Pollution Paragraph

41. My Favorite TV Channel Paragraph

42. Paragraph on My Visit to a Baishakhi Fair 

43. A Dream School Paragraph 

44. Paragraph on Blood Donation

45. Paragraph on How to Do Well

46.  Climate Change Paragraph


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