Essay on Our National Bird The Doel or Magpie Robin

Essay on Our National Bird The Doel or Magpie Robin

Different types of birds fly trees to trees in our country. Our minds fill up with the pleasure of chirping the birds. The Doel is our national bird among uncountable numbers of birds. 

Appearance: The Doel is a small bird in size. It goes always raising its tail. There are long spots of white colour in its tail. In the neck, there is a wreath. To the bird is much liked. Some of the Doels have long spots of white and black under their chest. The body of it is covered with soft feathers. The male Doel is glitter in colour. There are nails on the top of the legs. The colours of its legs are brown. 

Food and living place: They live on various kinds of worms and insects. They eat pulse, mustard, lentil sesamum etc. the Doels live in the holes of trees. They also live in bushes of trees.

In the winter morning, they hop and chirp again and again in a guava tree, in a lemon tree and in the pools of beans and take worms and insects. Generally, in summer it lays eggs of blue colour making nests in the holes of trees. 

The dignity of national bird: There are few birds like the sweet voice of Doel. The Doel can imitate the voices of other birds. The Doel is very neat and clean. Without this, the Doel is found all over Bangladesh. For these reasons, the robin or the Doel is got the dignity of our national bird. 

Usefulness: The Doel does not any harm to us. But it benefits us from eating various worms and insects. The sweet chirping of the Doel harmed us. This is a member of national beauties. The flesh of Doel is taste. Sometimes the cruel prayers catch the Doel and get money to sell.

Conclusion: Though the Doel is a small bird, it has great value. So, we should be kind to it. The government should prohibit catching the Doel by law.

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