A Horrific Camel ( Part 1)

Even if Satan makes you feel lazy, read this booklet in its entirety, InshaAllah, you will find it to contain a wealth of knowledge and Sawab.

A virtue of Salat-‘Alan-Nabi The Rasool of mankind, the Peace of our heart and mind, the most Generous and Kind has stated, ‘Whoever is faced with a difficulty should recite abundant Salat upon me. For the recitation of Salat upon me distances difficulties and tribulations.’ 

1    A horrific camel One day, the disbelievers of the Quraysh gathered in the noble Ka’bah whilst the Holy Nabi was performing Salah nearby. Abu Jahl picked up a heavy stone with the foul intention of –MajAllah AjjwajAllah(Allah ÄȐÇ AjjwajAllah  forbid!) – using it to crush the blessed head of the grandfather of Hasanayn, the Remover of sorrow and whilst he performed Sajdah.

He drew forward, but the moment he got close, he suddenly withdrew and fled. The astonished unbelievers asked him in shock, ‘Abul Hakam, what happened to you?’ He replied, ‘As soon as I drew near, my senses failed me. I saw a horrific camel, with a terrorising head and a fearsome neck, gnashing its teeth, with its mouth wide open, all the while advancing upon me as though to swallow me. I have never seen such a horrific camel.’

The Beloved Rasool said, ‘That was Jibra`eel ( Alaihis Salam ), who would have caught Abu Jahl had he come any nearer.’

Allah – Free from any need
Dear Islamic brothers! How magnificent is Allah’s attribute of being free from all need. Sometimes, He raises the rank of His Beloved innumerably by means of difficulties and trials, whilst at other times, He terrifies the enemy of the Beloved Rasool before they can strike, such that they never assume to consider that the Beloved Rasool is alone.

Why was the Beloved Nabi harassed?
Our Noblest Rasool was oppressed and harassed by the evil disbelievers only as a result of him beginning to openly call the people towards righteousness. In the outset (of Islam), the Rasool of Rahmah called to Islam covertly (meaning, in private), until Allah ordered for (Islam) to be propagated openly. Ibid,pp.102

2. The call to righteousness from Mount Safa
Allah states in part 19, Surah Ash-Shu’ara, Ayah 214:

And O beloved, warn your closest relatives.

Upon the command of Allah , our Noble Nabi stood upon Mount Safa and called to tribe of the Quraysh. When the people gathered, he said, ‘Tell me: If I tell you that an army is intending to attack you from the valley of Makkah, will you believe me?’ They replied in unison, ‘Of course. We have always only ever heard you speak the truth.’ The Greatest Preacher continued, ‘Then listen.
If you do not believe in me, a severe wrath will descend on you.’ Hearing this, Abu Lahab began uttering nonsense, and the people dispersed.
Sahih Bukhari, vol-3, pp.294, hadith. 4770-71, summarized.

3. Blood on the door

As soon as Islam began to be preached openly, events of lifethreatening cruelty and oppression began to occur. Alas, the ill-fortuned disbelievers sometimes threw garbage towards the illuminated body of the Beloved Rasool sometimes they poured animals’ blood on his merciful door, sometimes they threw thorns, etc., in his paths, and sometimes they hurled showers of stones upon his blessed body. One cruel person amongst them strangled his blessed neck whilst he was performing Sajdah with such force that his blessed eyes began to bulge outwards. Sometimes, they would even place a placenta (the membrane in which the foetus of a camel is surrounded) on his blessed back whilst he  performed Sajdah. The rebellious disbelievers also insulted and slandered him
with nonsense, labelling him (Allah Forgive us)– a magician and soothsayer.
(Al-Mawahib-Ul-Ladunniyyah, vol.1 pp.118-119, summarized)

To Be Continued......

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