How to learn English Paragraph for All Classes

Essay and Paragraph on Importance of Learning English | How to learn English Paragraph

Essay and Paragraph on the Importance of Learning English | How to learn English Paragraph

Nowadays, the only means of communication in the whole world is to speak English or to know the English language. English is being practised in every school in the world. Different seminars, training, courses etc. are being conducted on spoken English. So today's article is about the importance of learning English or how to learn English.

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How to learn English Paragraph

English being a foreign language is not that easy to learn. To learn English we need to develop some language skills. These are listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is a communicative method of learning English. To practice listening skills, we have to listen to English lectures and programs. Besides, radio, TV programs and news should be listened to in English. When we hear the news in English, we should try to understand it. Students should talk to each other in English in class. When we are alone, we can talk to ourselves out loud, and read our lessons regularly. We should write to them too. We should practice freehand writing on any subject. For this purpose, we need to learn words and their meanings. We also need to learn the basic rules of grammar and sentence structure. Along with that, we have to develop the habit of using them in our practical life. If we practice like this we can become perfect in English.

Word Meanings: Foreign – বিদেশী; develop – উন্নতি করা; skill – দক্ষ; communicative – যােগাযােগমূলক; discussion – আলােচনা; understand – বুঝতে পারা; another – আরেকটি; while – যখন; aloud – সশব্দে; regularly – নিয়মিতভাবে; topic – বিষয়; purpose – উদ্দেশ্য; practical life – বাস্তব জীবন; perfect – নিখুঁত; in this way – এভাবে; difficult – কঠিন; listening – শ্রবণ; speaking – কথন; reading – পঠন; writing – লিখন; besides – তাছাড়া; try – চেষ্ট করা; meaning – অর্থ; freehand writing – মুক্তহস্তে লেখন;

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