A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition For All Classes 2023

A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition For All Classes 2023


A Journey by Boat Essay, Composition For All Classes 2023

It was Eid holiday time. I came to my village with my cousins. We had no work there, so we found village life very silly. Unexpectedly an idea struck my mind and soon we decided to travel by boat. became constant for an afternoon journey. The river did not become such a path.

Every day we headed to the financial institution along the river with our bags and some snacks. Since we had already hired a boat, we got it ready. The boat is small but well-decorated. There were boat people who asked us to set each end of the boat nicely.

It was morning and the sky was clear. A nice cool breeze blew. As soon as we took our seats in the boat, it started moving on the water. They were really exciting actions in our lives. We have all been in over-the-top spirits.

Boats became light transportation. The water of the river glistened in the sunlight and became a wonderful sight. It seemed white as silver. There are many large boats of different sizes and styles on the river. There were men, women and youth in those boats. The children were very excited and were screaming with joy.

Suddenly the cold wind stopped and we felt a bit warmer. A cousin of mine warned us to enjoy cold drinks in our bags. Soon it was noon and we decided to have our lunch. As we were across the river this time. The boatman tied the boat to the financial institution and took us to a place to eat. We took our food. We also enjoyed the tea. Then our return journey began.

The return adventure becomes a little more difficult when the boat turns against the current. Obviously, boaters have to draw tight. As the river current was no longer favourable, the boat had no speed at the start of the adventure, so it took quite a while and we found that the sun had almost set. Without a doubt, it turned out to be one of the most glorious sunsets we have ever seen. The sun's rays turned the whole place purple.

The weather was quite clear when we started and we are very happy that our return journey was also safe. However quickly we were horrified to hear the shout, "Hurricane" we were in the middle of the river. The water rose and rushed towards the boat.

Boatmen worked harder. It felt like existence had been slipped from our fingers. We started praying to Allah. Immediately the boatmen shouted, Bank!' A financial institution!” We breathed a sigh of relief. Reached the bank just in time. Thank God and thank the boatmen.

Ten years have passed, but the memory of that boat ride is still vivid. Sometimes I don't forget its sweet moments and sometimes its terrible moments.

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