2022 World Cup prize money: How much will a team earn?

2022 World Cup prize money: How much will a team earn?


2022 World Cup prize money: How much will a team earn?


In addition to boasting each country's run in the World Cup, each country also earns World Cup prize money based on their performance.

FIFA will distribute $440 million in prize money for the World Cup as cash is awarded depending on which stage of the tournament they reach, plus each team receives $1.5 million just for qualifying for the World Cup.

Yes, the game is about glory and winning the ultimate prize and crowning world champions, but players are also playing to earn some cool bonuses that help fund their national teams and organizations.

In today's post, you will find below a complete World Cup prize money table with details of how much each team earned from their run in the World Cup Qatar 2022.


How much prize money did the last 2018 world cup winner get?

The $400 million pot among 32 teams is up from four years ago.


This is $42 million more than the 2014 prize money and $38 million awarded to 2018 (France) winners, while the winning team in 2022 will receive $42 million.


Where does the prize money come from?

FIFA distributes prize money based on the profits of tournament organizers.


How much do World Cup players get paid?

How much money they pay their players from prize money depends on different countries. Some countries may distribute money based on attendance, or others may divide it equally.

The 2022 World Cup prize money table

The teams who made it out of the group stage earned $9 million each - Qatar, Ecuador, Wales, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Tunisia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Costa Rica, Serbia, Cameroon, Ghana, and Uruguay.

The teams that reached the Round of 16 each earned $13 million

United States, Senegal, Australia, Poland, Spain, Japan, Switzerland, South Korea


The teams that made it to the quarterfinals each earned $17 million

Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal, England

The fourth-place team will earn $25 million


Third place will take $27 million



The runner-up will receive $30 million

Argentina or France


The winner will earn $42 million

Argentina or France

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