The Historic Speech of 7th March Paragraph for JSC/SSC/HSC

The Historic Speech of 7th March Paragraph


The Historic Speech of 7th March Paragraph for JSC/SSC/HSC

Question about the significance of the paragraph in the March 7 speech -

(a) What was the context of the 7th March speech?

(b) Who was the speaker?

(c) What instructions did the speech have for Bengalis?

(d) What was obligatory for Bengalis mentioned by the speaker?

(e) What impact did the speech have on our national life?

The Historic Speech of 7th March Paragraph

March 7, 1971 is a memorable day in the history of Bengali nation. On this day in 1971, Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave a historic speech to guide the entire nation in the days of turmoil and unrest. Ever since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, West Pakistanis have been exploiting Bengalis. Bengalis were deprived in economic, political and cultural life. After 24 years of treachery and discrimination, the nationalist party Awami League has won the parliamentary elections. But the rulers created obstacles in the formation of their government. The entire Bengali nation was enraged by this. Bangabandhu delivered this landmark speech at the Race Course Maidan on March 7 amid outrage and protests. He said that this is the time of freedom and liberation struggle and the nation has to fight for that goal. He urged the nation not to cooperate with Pakistanis, not to pay their taxes and not to go to office. Bangabandhu's speech served as a great inspiration to the nation. It inspired people to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of our motherland. This is how Bangabandhu's March 7 speech has been immortalized in national history.

Paragraph on The Historic Speech of 7th March for HSC (200 Words)

The 7th March speech is considered to be the most historic speech of Bangladesh which was delivered by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 7th March 1971 at Ramna Race Course Maidan in Dhaka. About 2 million people were present there. It was delivered during a period of growing tension between the powerful political and military establishment of East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Rahman announced in his speech, "This time's struggle is our liberation struggle, this time's struggle is our liberation struggle". The speech inspired Bengalis to prepare for a war of independence amid widespread reports of West Pakistan's armed mobilization, and he urged all Bengalis in the then East Pakistan to signal all-out readiness to launch a significant struggle against the Pakistani occupation forces. The speech effectively declared the independence of Bangladesh. The discourse constitutes a faithful document of how the failure of post-colonial nation-states to develop inclusive, democratic societies has resulted in their populations belonging to different ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious groups. The 7th March speech inspired the entire nation to participate in the liberation war and liberate the enemy. Similarly this speech touched the soul of every Bangladeshi and even after 1971 this speech encouraged and guided our nation building. It is a matter of great pride for us that UNESCO has recognized this speech and the whole world will now know about the historic speech.

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