50 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences


50 Examples of Simple Present Tense Sentences 


The simple present tense is the most commonly used tense in English grammar. This tense is used to express something that is happening or will happen in the present, that is, in the near future or happening repeatedly.

We have put down 50 simple present tense sentences (affirmative, negative, and interrogative sentences) for you.

Simple Present Tense Sentences

Before going to make a sentence, you need to know the simple present tense structure –

Subject + Verb (Present Form or V1) + Object

Sentence making Temple for easy understanding.

I do. (Positive sentence)

I don’t do. (Negative sentence)

Do I do? (Interrogative sentence)

Don’t I do? (Negative-Interrogative sentence)

Remember these rules to make any sentence.

If the sentence will start with 3rd person's singular number.

He does.

He doesn’t do.

Does he do?

Doesn’t he do?

Affirmative Sentences

·        Education helps us in achieving the main goals of our life.

·        The chef bakes cookies for this restaurant.

·        take eight hours of sound sleep daily.

·        The knowledge of good and evil gives us a moral and spiritual understanding of social problems.

·        Practice makes a man perfect.

·        He loves writing fiction stories.

·        My mother loves me from the core of her heart.

·        need some time to complete this assignment.

·        Jamy likes swimming.

·        He writes an article regularly.

·        A morning walk makes a man healthy.

·        We believe the earth is 4.6 billion years old.

·        Tomi takes exercises regularly.

·        He goes to a hill station during summer vacations. 

·        He works hard to achieve the target sales.

·        This road leads to the zoo.

·        He earns his livelihood by farming.

·        love studying stories.

·        Jacky works as an Accountant in this firm.

·        Raihan deals in stationery.

·        She eats only fish.

·        Business letters include letters of order to business companies or firms and their replies.

·        She reads books daily.

·        This book covers interview tips and general questions.

·        I like to take coffee at night.

·        Jimmy eats an apple in the morning.

·        Thousands of families live in this town.

·        A man of science knows that he has to test and verify his hypothesis.

·        Russel says that the scientific method is, in reality, very simple.

·        Professor makes some suggestions to avoid the disadvantages of specialization.

Negative Sentences

1.    He doesn’t play football.

2.    The students do not spend valuable time studying books.

3.    don’t particularly appreciate traveling.

4.    They don’t study together.

5.    don’t think that I like this skirt.

6.    don’t know some of your friends.

7.    She doesn’t buy me a present.

8.    He doesn’t attend the class regularly.

9.    Jimmy doesn’t go to the market to buy groceries.

10. The gardener doesn’t water the plants.

Note: 3rd person singular number He, She, It & A single name of Person and things.

Interrogative Sentences (Questions)

1.    Who wants to bother with History and Geography in this tech era?

2.    Does she cook delicious food?

3.    Do they help each other in a tough time?

4.    Does it rain heavily in this town?

5.    Do you get up early in the morning?

6.    Does she like traveling?

7.    Does he like these glasses?

8.    Why do you show me the book?

9.    Do you help me?

10. Do you buy a birthday cake for your friend?


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