Past Tense Of Buy, Past Participle Form of Buy, V1 V2 V3

 Past Tense Of Buy, Past Participle Form of Buy, V1 V2 V3

Know the past tense of buy


Today we will learn the correct usage of the word “Buy”, which is most commonly used in English to mean something received in exchange for money, with corresponding tenses and sample sentences.

Although it is difficult to learn the meaning and usage of these verbs at first, we must remember that practice, the more practice the better.


Meaning of Buy

Receiving money or the like in return for payment.

Example of the base form of Buy

What do you buy?

Buy me juice.

I buy a new book.

The child bought ice cream.

He buys books every month.

I bought a history book.

My friend bought this book for me.


V2 Past Simple

The V2 version of the verb 'buy' is known as "buy". In regular verbs, irregular verbs are written with a different word, though 'ed' is added to the end of the verb. 'Bought', which is the V2 version of the verb "buy", is used when we need to refer to the past tense.

Example of V2

Raihan bought the book.

He bought his friend a flower.

Yesterday I bought him a storybook.

Her husband bought her a treasure.

Jenny bought her boyfriend a pair of pants.

V3 past participle

The V3 version of the word 'buy' is the same as V2. That is, bought - bought - bought.

Example of V3 "Buy"

Tommy bought a book for only $34.

She bought a house with a big yard so that she could indulge her passion for gardening.

The next time I went to Kings, on Thursday morning, I bought seven 18-egg packages (I bought more on Friday).

Americans bought 1.5 billion cans of tuna last year, according to ac Nielsen data.

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