Led vs Lead Past Tense | What is the difference between Led and Lead?

 Led vs Lead Past Tense

Today we will learn the correct usage of these two confusing words in English. Today's topic is very important.

What’s the difference between Led vs Lead?

The main difference between led and lead is tense. Led is the past tense of lead. Let's find out the meaning of these two words.

Today's lesson is most important for every student who wants to learn confusing words mostly. 

So let's start our lesson.

Led Definition with Examples

  • Led is a verb and is the past simple and past participle of Lead.
  • LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode which means a device that produces light, especially on electronic equipment.

Some Examples of Led :

  • Misleading signs led me astray.
  • The dog led the blind man across the street.
  • The situation after the war led to the emergence of a new type of political party.
  • The artist leads a discussion on modern art.
  • He led us to the field.
  • He led the conquest of southern Poland.
  • Mendes led a movement to stop rainforest destruction.
  • Several non-essential government services have been shut down due to the crisis.
  • The nation is reeling from the army-led riots.
  • A narrow path leads through the house directly into the garden.
  • The colonel conducted a successful operation against a rebel base.
  • A nurse took him by the hand and led him to a chair.
  • An army of deer led by a lion will be stronger than a lion led by a lion.
Definition of Lead with Examples

Lead is a verb that means to control a group of people, a country, or a situation.
It also means to be in front, to be first, or to be winning.

"Lead" most commonly refers to a metal (as in, "The paint was made with lead") and the other most commonly refers to a position of advantage (as in, "Our team was in the lead").

Example sentences using Lead:

  • These policies can lead the country to dire straits.
  • He speculated that this might lead to success.
  • This decision will inevitably lead to political tensions.
  • Italy went ahead with its lead with the goal.
  • After the jockey for the position, the favorite took the lead this time.
  • I think we have chosen the right person to lead the campaign.
  • We live such a complicated life/existence.
  • All roads lead to Byzantine.
  • I will lead this political party; You must follow me.

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