Story On A Farmer And His Lazy Sons

 No Pains No Gains' (A Farmer And His Lazy Sons)

A farmer had three sons. They were strong and handsome, and proud. But they were idlers and spent their time roaming about in the town. They considered it below them to work in fields with their father. The poor father did his best to impress upon them the necessity of hard work, but they were deaf to his advice. He was extremely troubled by their behaviour.

 'If they do not work, they would starve,' he thought. It was a terrible thought and it shocked him so much that he fell ill. His sons did all to save his life but he did not improve. At last the doctor told them that he was on the verge of death. Even on his death-bed, the old man was thinking about his sons. Just before his death, he had a wonderful idea. He called his sons and told them that he had buried all his wealth in his fields. But he did not tell them the exact place of the treasure, and breathed his last. 

After his death, his sons went to the fields and began digging up the earth. They dug very deep but found no treasure. Then they thought that they should sow their fields; and so they did. That year they reaped a rich harvest and sold it in the market. One night when they were counting their earnings, the youngest brother realized that it was this treasure their father had promised them. He told his brothers and they were happy. They wept and thanked their dead father for what he had done for them.'

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