Essay on Your First Day At School Or College The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

 Your First Day At School/ College The Most Memorable Day Of My Life

Human life is full of events. Some of these pleasant and we remember it long. My first day at college is a memorable event in my life.

I heard a lot of things about college education from my elder brothers. I had long been anxiously waiting for this day. The memorable day came at last. It was the 5th of May 2011. My joys knew no bounds. On that day I had my meal well a head of time and put on my best clothes.

At 10 a.m. I entered the college campus with new hopes and aspiration. The College campus was full of students. They were all unknown to me. I was moving here and there at last I found a fried of mine.

After a while the bell of the college rings. I entered into a room where a large number of students were seated on the benches. Just after a second, a fair looking gentleman appeared before us. I came to know that he was the professor of English. The professor called over the rolls. Then there followed a friendly discussion. I listened to his words with rapt attention.

While the ringing of bell changed our class room. We ran to our next class room to occupy the seat in the first bench. It was our Bangla class. I enjoyed the class pleasantly.

I went to the college library. I was wondered to see so many books in the library.

At 4 p.m. I left the college with a mind full of joy and new experience. I shall never forget this day. This in indeed the most memorable day in my life and it is my child hood memories.

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