Essay on Uses And Abuses Of Satellite Tv

 Uses And Abuses Of Satellite Tv

Modern science has created wonders. Satellite TV is one of them. Now we get the opportunity to see the programmes of almost every channel of the world.

It has both good and bad influence on our culture. Nowadays the connection of satellite TV has been given commercially. The uses of TV channel are increasing day by day. TV introduces us with the whole world. But many think that TV makes bad effect on our young generation.

A Satellite channel has removed monotony of watching fixed items of programmes. In fact, today we have specialized satellite channels on almost every interest. There are some channels which broadcast only news round the clock, some only show cinemas. Some channels show games and sports only, some channels show only the discoveries and inventions of science and technology.

For every invention, there are some demerits. Television is not free from harms. Television has great influence on young generation. They are now lured to follow other culture forgetting our own national culture. And if this is continued, our own culture and tradition will be lost. But it has some good sides too. We have to try to give up the bad influence of foreign culture.

Satellite TV is a part and parcel of modern science. With the help of it, we can bring cultural consciousness of the world in our home. We know, everything of the world has both good and bad effects. We have to keep the good and give up the bad.

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