Essay on Unemployment Problem

Essay on  Unemployment Problem

The unemployment problem is the burning question of Bangladesh. It can be termed as number one problem of the country.

Bangladesh is a small country. But her population in not few. Fifteen cores of people live in this country. Most of them are poor. They live from hand to month. The population of our country is increasing at an alarming rate. The present growth rate of population in Bangladesh is 2.36%. The problem is now out of control.

Unemployment problem is very acute in our country. For one single vacant post there will be thousand of candidates. The production of food can not keep pace with our increasing population. As a result there us shortage of food in our country. People are fighting very hard against hunger and poverty.

Unemployment problem has become a common problem in day to life. Everybody we find the news of it in the dailies unemployment problem is now serious problem. It is going out of control day by day. It creates other problem too. It loses not only our life but also progress. The people have to suffer a lot.

We should come forward to control our population. Education must be ensured for all. The people of our country must be made conscious through education.

Man is the maker of his own fate. If we are idle we can not be prosperous. Some people think that the success in life depends on fortune. But it is not true. Hard labors are essential for success in every sphere of life. Industry is the key to success.

Human life is very short. But there a lot of things to do. That is say we have to do many things within a short time. So this every moment of life should be utilized properly.

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