Essay on My Aim In Life

 Essay on  My Aim In Life

An aim means particular goal of life. Every man has an aim in life. A man without an aim in life is like a boat without a rudder. A fixed man helps a man shine in life. So every man should decide before what he aspires to be.

Different men have different aims in life. Some wants to be doctor, some wants to be engineers, some wants to be actor, some wants to be scholars, some wants to be poets and others wants to be teachers and so on. There are many professions. So it is difficult to choose correct one.

I am a man. My aim in life is very simple. The people of my village are poor. They suffer from many diseases. They do not get the help an advice of good doctors. So I like to help them.

 After passing the S.S.C. Examination I shall read H.S.C. [Pre-Medical] course. Next I shall join a medical college for the M.B.B.S. degree. When I turn an M.B.B.S, I shall go to my village and take to medical profession. In this profession I can have an independent life. Here I shall be able to earn money. I shall also be able to do real service to the villagers, the rich will feed me and the poor will bless me. If I can earn money enough. I hope to set up a charitable dispensary for the treatment of all kinds of patients.

So everyone should have an aim. I will bear in mind that an aim is a virtue. It seeks to do well to others. At the time of the choice we should think about out liking and ability.

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