Essay On The Journey You Like Most A Journey By Train

 The Journey You Like Most A Journey By Train

A journey by train is very thrilling. It is quick. It saves time and money.

During the last winter I had a chance to make a journey by train. I had to go to Khulna to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend's brother.

I reached kamalapur Railway Station by rickshaw. It was 7 a.m. I bought a second-class ticket and got on a compartment. It was not so crowded. I had a seat beside the window. With the whistle of the guard, the train started to move at 8-20 a.m.

The train was running at a great speed. I looked out of the window and enjoyed the beautiful sights. So I saw green fields on both sides of the train. Cowboys were tending cattle, children were playing and women were busy with their household works. But all these sights seemed to be moving backwards. They were changing every moment. Inside the train some of the passengers were talking on many topics. Some were reading either a newspaper or a book and some were sleeping.

It was an inter district train named Mahan agar, Prabhati. So it did not stop at all the stations. It stopped only at a very few big stations. So the journey felt very pleasant.

At 2-45 p.m. the train reached Khulna Railway Station. This long journey took only six hours. We can see many things very quickly by a train journey.

The journey in my heart I bore. It gave me much pleasure. Indeed it was one of the most memorable days in my life.

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