A Farmer And His Sons

 A Farmer And His Sons

Once, an old farmer lived in a village. He had three sons. They often quarreled among themselves for nothing. The farmer was very worried about their wild manners. He frequently advised them not to quarrel, but they paid no heed to his advice. One day, the farmer fell seriously ill with little hope of recovery. He decided to teach his sons the lesson of unity. He asked them to fetch a bundle of sticks. They brought the bundle in less than no time. He then asked them if any one of them could break it. His sons accepted his challenge. First, the youngest son tried his best to break it but could not. Then came forward the elder son, but tried in vain to break it. At last, the eldest son stepped forward angrily to break it but to no break this, the old farmer ask untie the bundle and break the sticks one by one. They did it easily. The father succeeded in making his sons realize that the sticks were strong when they were tied together but were easily breakable separate. He told them that, they would be strong if they were united, but individually they could be defeated easily. His sons accepted the advice of their father and promised not to quarrel in future. Moral :Majority is an authority.Unity is a shield against defeat.Union is strength.Two and two make four.'

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