A Dog And His Reflection

 A Dog And His Reflection

Once upon a time a dog was very hungry he went to a butcher’s shop and soon stole a big piece of meat. He ran to eat it. He wanted to enjoy that piece of meat alone. In a short while, he reached a stream. The dog began to cross the bridge. In the middle of the bridge, he stopped for a while and saw his own reflection into the stream. He took it for another dog with a larger piece of meat in his mouth. Dog was very hungry. He, at once, decided to snatch the large piece of meat from the dog in the water. He barked at the dog in the water but as soon as soon he opened his mouth, his own piece of meat fell into the water. This made him angrier. He jumped into the water to tight with that dog. As he did so, the reflection in the water disappeared. He could find neither the dog nor his own piece of meat. So he had to go home hungry. Of course, you can jump down and drink your fill. At this, the goat leapt down. The fox put his feet on the horns of the goat and sprang to the top of the well. Friend goat said the fox. If you had brain in your head, you would not have leapt down into the well to have a drink, when you do not know the way out of it?'

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