A Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush


A Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

Once there lived a Jackal in a jungle. One day, while prowling for a prey, he saw a lamb. He approached him stealthily and grabbed hint. The lamb was very ingenious. Seeing that the jackal was going to kill him he said to him. 'Mr. Jackal! I am small and so lean, thin and skinny that my flesh will not satisfy your hunger. If you allow me to go today, I will come tomorrow with my brother who is fat and fleshy. Then you can make a hearty meal of us.' Stupid and greedy as the jackal w as, he spared the lamb and instructed him to come to the spot the next day definitely. The lamb promised on oath and went away briskly. Next day the Jackal waited for the lamb and his brother from the dawn till it was dusk but none of them came. A fox passed by and saw the jackal. She asked him what he was doing there. The Jackal told the fox the whole story. The fox laughed and said to him, 'You are a blockhead. Your greed betrayed you. You should know that a bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Go your way. They will never come''

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