Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science

 Essay on Science in Everyday Life or Wonder of Modern Science

We live in an age of science. We can see the wonder of science around us. Science has made our life easy and comfortable. We can not think of our modern life without science.

The first wonder of modern science is the discovery of electricity. It has changed our life, society, and culture. It is a great source of power and energy. The radio, television. Light, fans, electric irons, mills, factories, and refrigerators- all work through the power of electricity.

Science has made our communication easy and short. On the seas, rivers, roads there are ships, launches, boats, trains, buses, cars, etc. These are all the gifts of science. Telegraph, telephone, fax, and wireless- are also some important means of communication. Trains, steamers airplane buses, etc make communication quick and easy.

Science has done much in the field of agriculture. The use of scientific instruments, fertilizer and insecticide has improved agriculture.

Science has conquered diseases by inventing various medicines, x-ray, cardiograph, microscope end, etc, and relieving human suffering.

Science has discovered many things for our recreation. We use cinema, television, radio. Tape recorder, V.C.R, etc for recreation. Our clothes and many other essential products like paper, pens, etc are possible to make only because of science.

Now a day we can't think of human life without science. But we should use it integellently.

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