Essay on Female Education: For All Students

Essay on Female Education: For All Students

Education is a crying need to all. A woman is one-half of our total population. If womenfolk remains illiterate, no nation development can be done. So female education is a must in our country at present.

Without the help and whole-hearted co-operation of women the nation cannot progress. In practical life the role of a woman is not of less importance than that of the guardian of the family. “The hand that flocks the cradle rules the world,'-is a maxim. A woman rears the infants, builds up them as worthy citizens and leaders. A woman also plays an important role in the economic field. So to manage the family in a decent way a man depends on his wife. A housewife performs her household affairs, keeps poultry, and thus helps the family economically.

Our prophet Hazrat Muhammad (sm.) laid great importance on the education of both males and females. Without education, a woman cannot do anything properly for her children and also cannot help them to lead a worthy life.

Some orthodox people speak against female education and create an obstacle to it. In fact, it is an offence. We must educate women in nursing, household, management, child-care, sewing and so on. Thus, they will be able to earn their living independently.

Female education is a vital need in our developing Bangladesh. So we should be up and doing for the spread of female education side by side with men.

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